Kristin J. Swartz

Paralegal/Legal Secretary

Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Compliments of Kristin J. Swartz, Last Update: October 28, 2009

Professional Background

I am a deticated and hard working individual.  I am very diverse when it comes to my work experience.  I have recently settled down and started a family and my college education.  My plan is to one day be a strong force in Corporate America through my college education and career.  See my resume for actual references.

Personal Background

I am a unique individual with diverse background foundation and a charm not many forget.  I follow the Dow and S&P and have peaked interest in investing in some blue chip stocks in the near future.  I'm engaged, working, raising a family, and attending school to further my career.  I found my nitche in the legal field and the job of my dreams. I love to work and work hard.  I am very professional and business oriented.  I enjoy dealing with people and attitude and organization is my key to success.  I enjoy learning and reading when I can.  I analyze and reflect on anything from statistics to philosophy.  I love complex mathematics, developing  advertising techniques and new ideas, creation and development of projects, law, efficiency, the beach, and my family. 

Currently, I am attending school online and gaining experience working for a local law firm.  In my spare time I read to my daughter, play with my puppy, enjoy long walks and bike rides, and watch movies with my fiance.

Contact information

My business email is for those who need to communicate with me; I check it regularly during normal business hours. 

You are not permitted to solicit this email address.  Any violators will be reported and blocked accordingly.  THANK YOU.